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The Believe conference is a Friday evening/Saturday event produced by Christ In Youth, an organization that has been putting together age-intentional events all over the world for almost 50 years (you can check out their website at (www.ciy.com/believe). It takes place in at the Kansas City Expo Center, where your student will worship alongside thousands of other students their age. It’s literally an experience they’ll get nowhere else. It’s also one of the safest and most well-organized events for middle school students!

The theme this year at Believe will focus on the idea of a relationship WITH Jesus. Many things can cause a middle school student to become lonely. Anxiety, sin, depression, distorted identity, rejection, self-worth, abandonment, even technology plays a role. But God teaches us that relationships are key in life. A relationship with Jesus is where life really comes from – eternal life. And if middle school students have a distorted view of how relationships work here on earth, they'll have a mistaken view of how a relationship with Jesus works. This year's Believe tour will help your students know exactly what it means to have a relationship WITH Jesus. By focusing on Matthew 28:20 and exploring the idea of a relationship "WITH" Jesus, Believe will help your students discover how to worship God through a right and faithful relationship with Him.

Believe offers small group times in which your child can connect with their small group leaders and their peers. This is one of the most important things we can do as a youth ministry. Next to your influence as a parent, building those bonds between our leaders and their peers is the No. 1 thing that will help your child grow in their relationship with Christ.

We will meet at Faith at 2:00pm on Friday, March 23 and leave from Faith at 2:30pm. Please plan to pick up your student at 8:00pm on Saturday, March 24, at Faith. More details about what hotel we'll be staying in, what the schedule looks like, etc. will be sent to you a couple of weeks before the conference.

I'm excited for Believe and the amazing experiences we’ll have over the weekend. If you have any questions that can’t be answered by visiting www.ciy.com/believe, then please contact me at chriswhite@faithmanhattan.org.


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Middle School Believe Conference

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  • Mar 23
    2:30 pm
    Mar 24
    8:00 pm